Plan B Plumbing Solutions offer full colour  drain camera "CCTV" inspections on storm water drains and sewer drains.

We use state of the art CCTV push camera system technology to locate blockages or structural defects within your storm water and sewer drains.

The drain camera allows for accurate diagnosis of your storm water and sewer drains, locating cracks, breaks, tree root entry and other potential problems that can cost you significant money.

It’s also a cost effective way to avoid expensive excavations.

All clients receive a comprehensive report and CCTV footage of the inspection featuring the exact location of the issue and the depth of drain together with any recommendations.

This plan allows clients to easily understand our findings and price further work more accurately.

Watch this short video of a drain camera inspection taking place.


Drain camera inspections can also assist in avoiding future problems as they can spot issues before they develop into something more serious. It's also a good idea before purchasing a property to thoroughly check the condition of the drains before you make the decision to invest !!

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Plan B Plumbing Solutions, the Leak Detection Specialists in Melbourne.

If you’re a plumber you know that inspecting below ground drainage systems via downpipes can be time consuming. Time is money.

Don’t waste time disassembling the downpipe to insert your camera probe only to waste more time putting it back together.

Use Quick Cappz in a few simple steps. 

  • Drill a hole with your 35mm drill bit
  • Insert the CCTV camera probe
  • Inspect the drainage system
  • Insert Quick Cappz

Quick Cappz unique design features include:

  • Ribbed outer to eliminate any escape of water after the inspection has been carried out
  • Diameter to fit perfectly with a 35mm drill bit
  • Flexible PVC to ensure a flush fit on any surface
  • UV stabilised to ensure it does not deteriorate or become brittle over time
  • Can be easily removed for re inspection when required