Leak Detection - How is it done ?

At Plan B Plumbing Solutions we evaluate and investigate all kinds of above and below ground water leaks in Melbourne for the Insurance and Building industries.

Using state-of-the-art, non-invasive sound and infrared leak detection technologies, we can locate the problem quickly – whatever the source.

Our equipment allows us to detect your water leaks with minimal impact on your property.

Acoustic Leak Detection 

When high pressure water pipes spring a leak, water exits with so much force the pipes vibrate. This vibration is picked up by a sophisticated, sound sensitive device called Acoustic Leak Detector.

With this device, we are able to accurately identify the location of water leaks without removing concrete or digging the ground.

The closer the sensor is to the leak, the louder the sound gets. All we need to do is identify the position of the loudest leak noise. That is where the leak is situated.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging camera is ultra-sensitive. Even the minutest changes in infrared radiation from various objects are easily detected. What you can’t see with your naked eye is quickly recorded by the device as a thermal image.

This device can quantify thermal image allowing us to quickly identify the exact location of moisture or leaks.

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

This method of water leak detection is often used to identify large pipeline leaks. The method involves introducing pressurized gas through the pipes. The gas is then picked up by a sensor as it escapes through the leak, revealing its location.

Thanks to an innovative operating concept this new device allows us to get fast and reliable results.

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