Plan B Plumbing Solutions recently invested in the Aquaphon A100, taking us to the next level in Leak Detection capability.

Water Leak Detection

The A 100 is used in combination with various microphones for the electro-acoustic detection of water-leaks.

When a pressurised pipeline develops a leak, water flows through it into the surrounding soil at high speed.

The pipeline material vibrates at the exit point. This vibration is transmitted by the pipe, with the result that it can be picked up even at remote contact points (valves and the like). This structure borne noise is rendered audible by the A 100.

The water jet and the pipe, in the vicinity of the leak - also induce vibration in the soil. This is transmitted to the surface, where it can be picked up as ground-borne noise.

Acoustic Pipeline Location

Plastic lines cannot be located by the classical electromagnetic method because they do not conduct electricity.

The acoustic method of pipeline location uses a different principle: the lines transmit mechanical vibration better than the surround- ing earth. If suitable vibrations are applied to the line, they are transmitted along its length and through the earth to its surface, and can then be located there with an ground microphone and receiver with headsets according to the water leak detection principle. As with water leak detection, the line is in the place where the greatest intensity is found. Fibrous-cement and metallic pipes can also be located in this way.

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Aquaphon A 100

Aquaphon A 100

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