Welcome to the first Plan B Plumbing Solutions Q & A ….. a forum where we chat to Industry Leaders about all things leak related.

Our first Interviewee is our very own Anthony Hunter, Founder and Director of Plan B Plumbing Solutions Pty Ltd.

Anthony is a Master Plumber with over 18 years plumbing experience and is an Industry Leader in his chosen field.

We asked Anthony to answer a few questions for us on the renewal of storm water & sewerage pipes.

How can you tell if your sewerage/storm water pipes need replacing?

Look at the downpipes for any evidence of clay pipes which will deteriorate (not an if but when). A clay pipe system will need to eventually be replaced completely.

Movement and cracking to properties structure, concrete pathways and driveways is a red flag and usually means there are issues with your underground services.

There could also be evidence of backflow in your bathrooms or water pooling within your garden beds.

How can I find out if I have storm water or sewage pipe issues ?

If you do suspect you have an issue we have qualified technicians that can attend your home to undertake a thorough assessment of your storm water and/or sewerage system via CCTV.

The CCTV camera allows us to visually inspect the underground services and locate the defects. We provide you with a comprehensive report on our findings as well as the CCTV footage showing evidence of any defects located.

Once we ascertain whether the defect is minor or major, we can discuss your options for repair or replacement.

What happens if I do nothing and leave the pipes in their current condition ?

The end result of leaving your defective pipes unattended can be one of many including:-

1.   Cracking inside and outside your home

2.   Flooded backyard

3.   Mold growth due to elevated moisture concerns

4.   Sewerage waste water contaminating soils

5.   Foul smell emitting from the property

If I want to get my pipes fixed how long does it take to complete?

Generally it will take 2-3 days but the best thing to do is get us to conduct the CCTV, let you know how much of the pipe is damaged and we can provide you with a more accurate time frame.

A big thank you to Anthony for taking time out to chat with us today.

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