CCTV Inspections at Abbotsford Convent Laundries

Plan B Plumbing Solutions was recently asked to undertake CCTV investigations at the historical landmark Abbotsford Convent Laundries.

Built in the 1880s by the original owners of the Convent, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the Laundries were staffed by women who lived onsite at the Magdalen Asylum. The Laundries were a source of income for the Sisters, and operated commercially up until 1975. The Laundries have remained largely unused since then, and are currently in a dilapidated state.

Once restored, these spaces will provide a multi-use arts space for Melbourne, while also generating new income for the Convent, helping to grow the Convent’s public programming, and to help secure its future long-term.

This project was very interesting from a plumbing perspective and we look forward to watching the progress of this restoration as it takes shape. 

Emily GroveComment