Wild winds Melbourne

With the wild winds that recently hit Melbourne your roof may have sustained some damage.

Strong winds typically damage roofs in one of two ways, either by the sheer force of the wind itself or through the debris it picks up, carries, and throws against your roof.

If your roof does have damage after a storm, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible! 

The underlayment of the roof or the inside of your home can sustain water damage over time and water damage left unchecked can lead to even more costly repair bills in the future.

How To Spot Wind Damage

Roof Leaks: These are perhaps the easiest to find, simply because there is water coming into your
house where it shouldn’t.

Missing Tiles: Strong winds, heavy rain, or falling tree branches can pull off your roof’s tiles.

The Gutter: High winds and heavy rains can wash debris into the gutter. 

Chimney Flashing: Look to see if the chimney flashing is missing or split. This is a stress point for high winds, which can easily be lifted by a strong wind hitting at just the right angle

Wind-related damages can usually be covered by insurance, but make sure you check the details of your specific policy to confirm and if you do require roof repairs contact us at Plan B Plumbing Solutions 1300 075 262. 

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