Leak Locators

 We’ve got the best leak locator equipment that finds even the smallest of leaks.

 If you can’t see water leaking you don’t have a problem? Wrong! Pipe leaks don’t always happen where you can see them. It may not even be obvious that you have a water leak. That is why at Plan B Plumbing Solutions, our highly trained and experienced team will carry out a range of tests that will locate the precise source of the leak.

We use state of the art-technology that detects even the smallest of leaks. It is why around South Oakleigh and even Melbourne, we’re known as one of the best and most reliable plumbing services.

 Our plumbing team use leak locating equipment such as:

 -   Acoustic listening devices

-    Acoustic pipe location

-    Thermal imaging

-    Tracer gas detection

Sounds fancy right? Well, we get pretty excited about this type of thing, and you can learn more about it here, (link to leak detection page).

What you need to know is that we find, locate and repair even the smallest of water leaks. Our fixed quote pricing system gives you the peace of mind that you want constantly have your hand in your pocket.

We know you’ve got better things to spend your money on that leaking taps. So get it right the first time with Plan B Plumbing Solutions.