The Mini Snooper

This device was developed especially for leak detection on underground pipes by using tracer gas.

Using tracer gas is a tried and tested method of pinpointing leaks. It can be used in gas and water distribution networks, pipelines in buildings, heating systems, pressurized communication cables, gas-filled high voltage power lines and landfill sites sealed with double membrane layers. It can also be used to test for leaks in industrial products such as pipes, pumps, engine blocks and airfoils.

Detecting gas leaks by tracer gas involves feeding a mixture of 95% nitrogen (carrier gas) and 5% hydrogen into the pipelines or other equipment/products being tested. The hydrogen escapes through the leak and is detected by the highly sensitive, specialisedsensor.

The low amount of hydrogen (just 5%) means that this method is safe: the gas is incombustible as per ISO 10156 thanks to the use of nitrogen as the carrier gas. It is non-toxic and therefore also permitted for use in drinking water networks, as well as non-corrosive.

Tracer gas is environmentally-neutral and permeates all cover layers such as asphalt, concrete and other seal coats. Tracer gas always looks for the shortest route from the leak to the surface.

The extraordinarily low cross sensitivity of the gas-sensitive semiconductor (SC) with regard to moisture and methane ensures an absolutely sure result and a resolution down to 0.1 parts per million (ppm) H2.

Thanks to an innovative operating concept this new device allows us to get fast and reliable results.

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