Quick Capzz - Drain Entry Made Easy

If you’re a plumber you know that inspecting below ground drainage systems via downpipes can be very time consuming. Time is money.

Don’t waste time disassembling the downpipe to insert your camera probe.

Use Quick Cappz in a  few simple steps.

  • Drill a hole with your 35mm drill bit
  • Insert the CCTV camera probe
  • Inspect the drainage system
  • Insert UV stabilised Quick Cappz
  • The unique design features include:

Quadruple ribbed to eliminate any escape of water after the inspection has been carried out.

  • Flexible PVC to ensure a flush fit on any surface.
  • UV Stabilised and will not deteriorate or become brittle over time.
  • Can easily be removed for re inspection when required.

Quick Capzz - Drain entry made easy.