Underground Water Leak

The most common place for water to leak is underground. Underground water leaks can be a real problem, especially if you get the wrong person digging around in your backyard. What you need is a state of the art plumbing service that provides diagnostics reports and accurately pin-points where water is leaking, how much water is leaking and what the appropriate solution is.

Plan B Plumbing Solutions, services beyond South Oakleigh across Melbourne and Victoria to provide you with reliable, efficient and cost-effect underground solutions to your water leaks.

We use state of the art-technology that maps the precise location of the underground water leak and lets our team of professional plumbers give you a realistic assessment of the problem.

There is nothing worse than being left in the dark when it comes to underground water leaks. We know that giving you quick and accurate information on the source and solution to underground water leaks is what you want.

As there has never been a leak we could not fix or fix, we often hear that we’re the best plumbers in South Oakleigh. If you’re worried that you might have an underground water leak, give us a call today and let our professional team give you the peace of mind you need